Paradoxe Corporation's PX3 Transformer Cooling Fan Solution

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Introducing Paradoxe Corporation’s Transformer Cooling Fan Line. The true engineered solution to Transformer Cooling.

PX3 Transformer Cooling Fan

Product Benefits:

  • Low amp draw/ industry standard CFM’s
    Low ampere draw means a motor that is operating under less load and less electrical stress. This will prolong the motor life and insure many years of uninterrupted service. High cubic feet per minute of air delivery minimizes the stress on transformer coils and provides more cooling air during peak load times.
  • Superior air flow
    Certified air flow results tested to AMCA Standard 230 for fan thrust.
  • Engineered for outdoor use
    Outdoor certified & IP55 rated. Unique, locking design between motor housing and impeller guard against moisture entry in the harshest of outdoor applications of high heat and humidity.
  • Superior Noise Reduction Design
    Quiet design to meet the tough urban noise restrictions
  • Engineered with corrosion resistant motor and impeller materials
    Anodized corrosion proof aluminum motor housing and plastic impeller are corrosion resistant.
  • Superior Class F Insulation System for Longer Motor Life
    High temperature insulation in critical motor components for longer life, cooler running motors
  • Engineered for the world wide transformer industry
    Available in either 50 or 60Hz and many voltage variations for use in countries worldwide.
  • Matched motor and impeller designs
    Engineered motor and impeller combinations reduce power costs and increase optimum efficiency. Four blade sizes available — 16", 18", 24"and 27".
  • Backed by a 3 Year Warranty
    Paradoxe can give a long warranty because we have a field tested design that is proven to work.
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